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Ask About Our Discount on Fleet Services //
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Maintaining your truck's brakes is crucial for safety, as a properly functioning braking system can prevent accidents and reduce wear on other components.


Ensuring your truck's drums are in good condition is vital for smooth and efficient braking performance, minimizing potential hazards on the road.


Regularly replacing filters in your truck is essential to maintaining optimal engine performance, fuel efficiency, and a cleaner emissions output.


Checking and replacing fuses is important for preventing electrical issues and ensuring all of your truck's electronic systems function properly.


Inspecting and repairing hoses is critical for avoiding fluid leaks, overheating, and engine damage, ensuring a reliable and efficient operation.


Using the right lubricants and keeping them at proper levels is key to reducing friction, minimizing wear and tear, and prolonging the life of your truck's components.


Routinely checking and replacing tires as needed is crucial for safe driving, optimal fuel efficiency, and reducing the risk of blowouts or other tire-related issues.

Tractor Lights

Maintaining functioning tractor lights is essential for ensuring visibility, communication with other drivers, and overall safety during nighttime and low-light conditions.

Trailer Lights

Regularly inspecting and repairing trailer lights is vital for staying visible to other drivers, preventing accidents, and complying with road safety regulations.

Truck parts repair is a crucial aspect of maintaining your diesel truck, and regular maintenance can help extend the life of your vehicle. At Green Tree Truck Repair, we offer comprehensive truck parts repair services to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

Diesel Engine Repair and Overhaul

Diesel engines are known for their durability, but they still require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. At Green Tree Truck Repair, we provide a range of engine repair and overhaul services, including cylinder head repair, engine rebuilds, and fuel injection system repair. Our team of certified technicians uses the latest diagnostic tools and technology to ensure that your diesel engine is running at peak performance.

Transmission Repair and Replacement

The transmission is a critical component of your diesel truck, and any issues with it can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and poor performance. At Green Tree Truck Repair, we provide transmission repair and replacement services, including manual and automatic transmission repair, clutch replacement, and driveline repair. We use only high-quality parts from reputable manufacturers to ensure that your transmission is working correctly.

Brake System Repair and Maintenance

Brakes are an essential safety feature of any vehicle, and it's crucial to keep them in good condition. At Green Tree Truck Repair, we provide brake system repair and maintenance services, including brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, and brake fluid flushes. Regular maintenance of your brake system will ensure that your vehicle can stop quickly and safely, reducing the risk of accidents.

Suspension System Repair and Maintenance

The suspension system is responsible for providing a comfortable ride and ensuring that your vehicle handles correctly. Our team is equipped to diagnose and repair any suspension-related issues, including worn-out shocks, damaged struts, and misaligned steering wheels. Regular maintenance of your suspension system will help ensure that your vehicle remains comfortable and easy to handle.

Electrical System Repair and Maintenance

Modern diesel trucks rely heavily on electronics, and it's crucial to keep the electrical system in good condition. Our team provides a range of electrical system repair and maintenance services, including battery replacements, alternator repairs, and wiring diagnostics. Regular maintenance of your electrical system will help prevent any electrical issues that may lead to your vehicle breaking down unexpectedly.

At Green Tree Truck Repair, we are dedicated to providing the best truck parts repair services in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our team of certified technicians has the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and repair any issue with your diesel truck. We use only high-quality parts from reputable manufacturers and offer competitive pricing to our customers. 

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